Walk with Hamlet in Virtual Reality

To Be With Hamlet is a live theatre performance in Virtual Reality that allows anybody anywhere to have an intimate experience with Hamlet, Shakespeare's dramatic masterpiece. The experience enables audiences to walk the battlements of Elsinore Castle with Hamlet as he confronts the ghost of his murdered father. By utilizing cutting-edge multi-user Virtual Reality technology, the production also enables participants to see their fellow audience members in virtual space in real-time, creating a virtual immersive theatre experience like no other. 

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To Be With Hamlet is the first of its kind in many respects. Discover its groundbreaking Social Virtual Reality technology, live motion-capture performances, and diverse team by clicking the link below:

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To Be With Hamlet is being created by a group of media professionals who love Shakespeare and who want to push the boundaries of what’s possible in theatre and virtual reality. Your donations will help the team raise Hamlet’s production values even higher, share the experience with audiences everywhere in the world.

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