Development Diary Twelve: Gearing Up for Indiegogo

Watch out! In the coming weeks, the To Be With Hamlet team will be launching an INDIEGOGO campaign in order to fund a complete production of Hamlet in Virtual Reality!

Our initial prototype of Hamlet’s Act I, Scene V has been hugely successful at technology and arts festivals such as The New York City Media Lab’s Media Summit and Kaleidoscope VR’s Summer Showcase, so we’re excited to expand this project to encompass the full dramatic arc of the Prince. Now that we have a better idea of how this new fusion of live performance and virtual reality works, we’re going to apply those lessons to make an even more dramatically compelling experience. We intend to add interactive environments, additional characters, and opportunities for audience members to interact with other (or not) during the experience.

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This past week, we’ve set up new presentations of To Be With Hamlet, recruited new team members, and submitted to new festival programs!

Want to see To Be With Hamlet in person?

Check out the Prince at the grand opening of VR Bar, one of Brooklyn’s first VR-enabled pubs!  You can apply for an invitation to the grand opening here!

We’re excited to introduce Alba Torremocha, a former resident composer for the NYU Symphony, to the To Be With Hamlet team as a Sound Designer and Composer! Check out her full bio at our About Page.

As of today, we have officially submitted our application to be part of Sundance’s New Frontier Story Lab. Each year, Sundance selects six innovative narrative projects to further develop.  We’re hoping that the Sundance Institute will help us create a VR experience that encompasses the full dramatic arc of Hamlet.

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