Development Diary Seven: Hamlet's Kingdom


Check out the latest prototype of To Be With Hamlet in the above video!

In the past week, we have made huge leaps with the project. We migrated Prince Hamlet and the Ghost to the illustrious Elsinore Castle, a grand stone fortress perched on a brotherhood of rocky cliffs.

Additionally, we finally got a tunic for Hamlet and a set of armor for the Ghost. Now that these prototypes of the clothing are in place, we will begin experimenting with various particle effects for both characters. For example, as the Ghost talks about burning in Hellfire, we might set him on fire.

We’ve also begun submitting the experience to major festivals such as Sundance Film Festival and the Future of Storytelling Summit. Our team hopes to share our innovative fusion of motion capture, live performance, and Virtual Reality with these awesome festivals.

Be on the look out for official Press Kit, which will be made available on our website’s About Tab by the end of this week.

In the Press Kit, we will outline some of the benefits that our sponsors will receive.  These tentatively include, but are no means limited to, the following:

- Logo featured prominently during the experience.

- Logo featured on the production's blog, website (, social media platforms, videos, and marketing materials.

- Sponsor profile on website, blog, and marketing materials.

- For larger sponsors, exclusive, private performances of the piece for the sponsor and their guests.

- Free tickets to public performances of the piece.

We also launched our official Instagram account this week. Follow us @tobehamletvr

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