Press:From Elsinore Castle to your nearest VR Arcade

Shanghai, Amsterdam,  New York, San Francisco and many other cities in the world have found a smart way to monetize from the recent boom of virtual reality. Just like in the 90's, small business owners like Kishore Doddi from VR bar,  are offering places for players to use the latest consumer VR systems in dedicated facilities. Hamlet will make it to your nearest VR arcade to offer you a chance to be with the Prince of Denmark in this incredible production. Check out this article published by  here

In China they are sometimes called VR Parks,  this model will mean more and more people are exposed to VR experiences. When we presented To Be With Hamlet in Shenzhen last year, we saw the potential of this model of distribution are we are excited to create more content for you. 

Hamlet presented in shenzhen, China